100% Electric, 3D Printed, Carbon Fiber Jetski

Virtually Quiet with High Horse Power


We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Jet Skis

Elaqua has curated a Jetski that's unique and takes design and style to an entire new level. 100% Electric. Full Carbon Fiber Construction. Full control and a full suite of Features. Affordable and no gas cost, ever.

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3D Printed from Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber is ideal for Jetskis and PWC due to the high strength to weight ratio. The Elaqua Jetski can race at super high speeds and never stress the strength of the hull. This is above industry standard and is one way we're going above and beyond what's required for the Elaqua Experience.



Real time data is fed in milliseconds to the 7" Touch Screen Display. View GPS, Speed, Battery percentage, or even control our option built in Drone. View instant torque and horsepower measurements and view statistics on how hard you're riding the waves.

100% Electric 30Kwh Battery

Best-in-class Battery technology from the USA ensures high end batteries power the Elaqua Jetski. 100% electric means 

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Image by Maria Teneva


A Patent Pending Approach to Manufacturing and Additive Technology

3D Printing means we can produce our watercraft at an incredible speed and at an incredible strength. A massive investment in 3D additive technology has allowed us to make quickly and efficiently Carbon Fiber Jetskis for the industry. Coupled with a powerful motor, our manufacturing process is second to none.

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Technical Specifications




Rider Capacity


60 Miles

Top Speed

Driving Range

Great for the Environment

7300lbs of Co2 Emissions is the average deposit of Co2 per Jetski in a year. Elaqua produces virtually zero emissions. Keeping the air clean and healthy. With no motor oil or gas leaks, our water ways are greatful for it as well. We only get one planet, lets keep it for our grandchildren to hit the waves in the same way we do. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding how we're helping the earth with climate-change.

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Easy Buying Process


Pre-order through our official website

Prequalify for financing today!


90 days before delivery- Customization portal opens! 


30 days before-Prepare online payment and complete state registration forms and final delivery details


Your Jetski arrives on time delivered to your driveway! Time to hit the water!

Instant Acceleration

An electric motor means instant torque and gut wrenching acceleration.

100% Electric

No gas, no hydrogen, no nuclear, just 100% lithium ion battery cells.

Internet of Things

Sensors, AI, and over the air updates are just some of the features of Elaqua Craft.

Incredibly Fast

Our motor is incredibly fast achieving speeds usually only achieved by custom builds.


No oil changes, no spark plugs, no flushing, very low maintenance.

Bose Speakers

Listen to your tunes with BOSE Speakers and subwoofer. Surely to make you rock harder.

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Optional Drone Add-on

A drone that's stored and launches from your Jetski. Patent Pending.

With an auto-launch and auto-land function, our specialized drone is designed to follow your Jetski as you're riding for amazing videography. 

Water proof, GPS tracked, and floating function ensure the drone is always with you!

It charges from within the Jetski and will automatically alert you when it's ready to dock. You can also control it right from your Jetski control panel!

Available August 2021. Starting at 4,000 USD. Pre-order today!


News Media

Our innovation has made splashes all across the world. Our announcements have been picked up by over 500 news networks and sites and over 20,000RSS feeds world-wide.

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So what are we waiting for?
We ship to 150+ countries!

From high end carbon fiber material to a full suite of software features, to a Drone add-on, to a no-emissions solution, lets get these epic Jetskis into your hands! Financing is available through our partners. We also accept various payment methods for ease of international buyers.